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Blog: ABC 20/20 - 2017-01-07

F376.png ABC 20/20 January 7, 2017, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Some somewhat random observations about the 20/20 show last night.

First, I am sure that scientology and David Miscavige HATED the show. They hate anything that is not presenting total puff PR for scientology. If it is not just glamour shots of scientology buildings, glowing statements by glazed-eyed "winning" scientologists or images of Miscavige yanking ribbons on new empty buildings, then it is "suppressive propaganda spread by merchants of chaos."

Miscavige does have reason to be upset. This show exposed a lot of the bad aspects of scientology to a larger audience than the A&E Show. For that, ABC 20/20 deserves kudos.