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Blog: A Postulate For 2011 - 2010-12-23

F0.png A Postulate For 2011 December 23, 2010, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

Here's a postulate for 2011: Freeing self and others from a low-scale, imprisoning moral to a high-scale, liberating ethic. LRH, from the Philadelphia Doctorate Course lecture Chart of Attitudes: Rising Scale Processing, 11 December 1952:

Now, what then is your level that is an attainable level for freedom? It would have to be a level which is so high that every man could reason and be responsible in his own right for his own acts and also for the acts of others.

Blame-regret, blame-regret is the course of a police state. And its spiral dwindles down, and dwindles very rapidly. So there's no halfway point on this scale. You can't cut it off here and say we've done a good job and reformed the whole world. You can't cut it off here at A: you can't cut it off at B. You just got to go ahead and put the guy into shape so he can handle himself and his force.