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Blog: A Workers' Paradise for Tom Cruise - 2010-10-19

F0.png A Workers' Paradise for Tom Cruise October 19, 2010, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

The document below is one of hundreds of reports written by staff members of the Gold base on the movements, statements, likes, dislikes and other personal matters concerning Tom Cruise. I doubt Tom is fully aware of just how closely David Miscavige micro manages Tom's life. I doubt he will become aware - if he didn't wake up through my correspondence last year with his personal attorney (posted on this blog), he might as well be under the late Australian psychiatrist Harry Baily's deep-sleep therapy. Letter to Cruise's attorney for info,

Now, a few words about the internal despatch in bold italics below.

From the sounds of it, Miscavige had already weaseled his way in between Kate and Tom - note the staff member picks up Tom to take him to see Kate for breakfast at 2:30 pm.