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Blog: Analytical Techniques: Spotting Fallacies in Arguments - 2013-11-25

F379.png Analytical Techniques: Spotting Fallacies in Arguments November 25, 2013, John P. Capitalist, Reasoned.Life

Impeccable logic + pointy ears wins arguments but does not necessarily help win the hearts of supermodels.

Summary: We present a handy chart that an Alert Reader passed along with the most common logical fallacies in building arguments. If you master and apply the material on this one page, you will amaze and impress (and probably also intimidate) your friends with your brilliance. And by being able to spot errors in others' analysis, you win the right to denounce their work with an air of haughty derision, and you spare yourself the embarrassment of potentially spouting inaccurate twaddle if you believe what they said.

Fair disclosure, though: your new-found command of logic may not make it easier for you to hit on supermodels (whichever flavor is most appealing to you) in trendy Manhattan clubs. Don't ask me how I know this.