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Blog: Another OT VIII Has Seen The Truth Revealed - 2012-05-22 a

F0.png Another OT VIII Has Seen The Truth Revealed May 22, 2012, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

This is the story of how Halina Cirillo fell in and out of love with the Church of Scientology.

A bit of background about myself. I was in Scientology for 40 years, on staff in Toronto through most of the 70s. My original post was Director of Processing which I held for 3 years and was then recruited into the Guardian's Office and held the post of DG PR CAN. As D of P I had 18 auditors in the HGC and our well done auditing hours at that time have never been matched since. I left the GO in disgust in the late 70s after being shown confidential session data about my brother. Then I became a public Scientologist, very active in the Church. I am OT VIII, mid St Hill Special Briefing Course and am IAS "Patron with Honours." I have been successful enough in my business career to have been able to donate in excess of half a million dollars between the Bridge and other Scientology campaigns.

I resigned from the Church of Scientology on June 1, 2011 while I was still in good standing.