Blog: Atack Unchained - 2013-01-28

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F0.png Atack Unchained January 28, 2013, Jonny Jacobsen, Infinite Complacency

Jon Atack is issuing an unexpurgated version of A Piece of Blue Sky, his seminal work on the movement - a book that was almost strangled at birth in the US courts.

Just as several major new books on Scientology, are being published, the movement is about to be confronted with a ghost from its past. Jon Atack is releasing a new edition of his ground-breaking 1990 work, A Piece of Blue Sky.

Update: click here to order book "It will be available as print-on-demand and as an e-book," Atack told Infinite Complacency. "Firstly on and then throughout the known universe."