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Blog: Attempted Damage Control - 2013-10-20

F376.png Attempted Damage Control October 20, 2013, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

With Voldemort still playing hide the ball on the "Grand Opening"/GAG II/Super Power/IAS events, the damage control scrambling is full force.

This email is an attempt to make everything seem "normal" (or at least as normal as it can be inside a bubble of babble).

Two weeks in a row the promise of "we are announcing the date at the next graduation" has passed with no announcement. But continued dead silence only aggravates the problem. So yesterday Lauri Webster sends out an email trying to take everyone's attention off the elephant in the room and get them thinking instead about what clothes they will have to pack for the Events That Cannot Be Announced Yet (But Will Be Really Soon).