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Blog: Austin -- IS Anyone Interested? - 2014-06-09

F376.png Austin -- IS Anyone Interested? June 9, 2014, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Seems the wheels have come off in Austin (not only....). You may recall I happened to be in Austin for the last big event they held. That one was the "Victory Grand Slam Event." And now this. I wonder if they even knew the XGames were in Austin over the past weekend — 150,000 showed up to watch and the opening event was a mile away in front of the Texas State Capitol. Almost begging to ask if anyone is interested? But here is the real story. Their last massive fundraiser and "milestone announcement" (funny these milestones seem to happen at every event) was in fact a bomb. And here is the their OWN documentation to prove that AUSTIN IS RAISING NO MONEY.