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Blog: Begging for an "Ideal" PAC - 2013-08-18

F376.png Begging for an "Ideal" PAC August 18, 2013, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

The latest insanity comes courtesy of the Uniform IC PAC — Val Page (daughter of Homer Schomer who was at ASI, queried certain financial practices, was abused, kicked out and declared and his daughter has not spoken to him in 30 years!).

But that is not the point here. In case any further proof was needed, the vulture culture has permeated every corner of the RCS. All the way down to the "Uniform IC" — a post that has NO CONTACT WHATSOEVER with the public — sending out begging emails to get money for a "PAC Events Center" to "usher public up the Bridge:"

Dear Friend,