Blog: Bill Gothard and the IBLP: Is This What Heaven Looks Like? - 2017-06-22

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F0.png Bill Gothard and the IBLP: Is This What Heaven Looks Like? June 22, 2017, Chris Shelton, Critical Thinker at Large

In November of 2015, I interviewed Kristiana Miner, a survivor of a Christian cult started by Bill Gothard and whose teachings are propagated by the Institute in Basic Life Principles or IBLP in Illinois. Having survived Scientology and now looking into other destructive cults and how they operate, I was amazed at the similarities between Scientology and what Bill Gothard put together and this caused me to look much deeper into the details of the IBLP. This group has fostered some powerful connections in the world of politics and education and has been purposefully mis-represented on entertainment mass media such as TLC as a sort of quaint Christian sect who seem to have a fondness for creating large families a la the Duggars. The truth is actually much darker than that. Unfortunately, these connections and lies have given the IBLP a lot more traction and acceptance than it ever should have received. In this video, we are going to explore just how deep down the rabbit hole Bill Gothard and the IBLP go. While Gothard claims that the principles he offers are the only true route to Heaven and eternal glory under God's forgiving hand, the truth is that it's more like an express elevator to Hell, and I'm not being melodramatic. After you hear all of what we have to say, especially about many of the children raised under Gothard's principles, you'll see what we mean. These children who were never given a chance to decide or choose what they wanted to believe or how they wanted to act. Gothard made grand promises over the years to many parents and families who were looking for nothing more than a safe and sure way to raise their kids in a God-fearing manner and achieve success and happiness. The one caveat is that it all depends on doing exactly what Bill Gothard says and thinking the way he says to think. So let's look into this whole thing and see how it was all put together.

Who is Bill Gothard?

William W. Gothard, Jr. was born on November 2nd, 1934. He was raised in a very devout Christian home, and his father (Bill, Sr.) worked for the Gideons - yes, the same people who put Bibles in hotel rooms.