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Blog: Bubbles' Durban Disaster - 2017-03-20

F376.png Bubbles' Durban Disaster March 20, 2017, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Bubbles Champagne addresses huge audience assembled in her honor

Here is the other promo featuring Kaye "Bubbles" Champagne doing her bit for the Durban org. The crowd size speaks volumes — they managed to scrape together 12 staff and public to attend the special seminar from the head of the FLAG OT Committee. They haven't seen anyone this important in Durban org since never. And they had 12 people to show her Durban Determinism to Clear the Planet. Yet they are so proud of this turnout they put out a promo piece documenting it. Straight up and vertical expansion at a level never before seen. And it is all happening because of the brilliant guidance of the Dear Leader, Mr. COB.

This is yet another example of something sent out by the church that tells the REAL story of what is going on inside the bubble. Forget the hype videos and ribbon yanking events with imported staff and public. This is what is really happening. And Durban is no different than Detroit or Lyon or Canberra. They are hanging on by a thread, hoping the "next big thing" is going to do it for them. And don't think this is limited to the non-"ideal" orgs. Dallas is no different. Nor is Malmo or Pretoria. The only reason they don't get evicted is that the church owns the buildings. Because if they had to pay rent on their properties they would have long since been gone.