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Blog: Child Sexual Abuse in Scientology - 2019-05-12

F376.png Child Sexual Abuse in Scientology May 12, 2019, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Last Tuesday Tony Ortega wrote a disturbing piece highlighting yet another atrocious story involving the Freewinds and scientology's attitude towards its children.

It somehow seems sadly appropriate to focus on this issue on Mother's Day to remind us that many mothers have been split from their children by scientology and how powerful the control over minds this cult has to be able to break this bond. My mother disconnected from me and it was heartbreaking. I really believed that would never happen. I know many mothers who have had their children disconnect from them. It is achingly painful. It is wrong. It is scientology.

But as terrible as disconnection is, it pales in comparison to the abuse of children that stems from the same twisted belief system that pretends to be the champion of family values.