Blog: Cisco Kid Is A Friend of Mine - 2011-02-25

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F0.png Cisco Kid Is A Friend of Mine February 25, 2011, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

I call Daniel Montalvo the Cisco Kid. He got that title after I found myself listening to War's classic by that title shortly after Daniel had stood up to a considerable wall of suppression late last year. You know, the dashing Latino-American cowboy hero with one hell of an integrity quotient - he fits the bill.

Here's how Daniel earned the moniker. First, he was coerced into a trap by Scientology Inc in-house counsel Kendrick Moxon. Moxon promised Daniel that he would be greeted at the airport by his wife and be provided with a hotel room so that he could route out if he returned to Los Angeles from the safety of Tom Devocht's home near Clearwater. Instead, Daniel was picked up by an OSA agent and couriered to a room where he was interrogated by the best LA lawyers Scientology Inc could buy. Daniel was coerced to throw me and Mike Rinder under the bus by confessing to a conspiracy of Miscavige's imagination. When Daniel held firm to the truth, he was escorted to a dank cell at the East LA branch of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's office. Without Miranda Rights being read he was treated to more interrogations by an LA County Sheriff Deputy Detective, bought and directed by Scientology Inc. Again, the demand to thow me and Mike Rinder under the bus became, well, extreme. Luckily, Cisco had strength and the good sense to utilize his one phone call to get hold of the Tiziano and Jamie.

We got to spend some time with Daniel in November at the Beghe ranch and at the Luglis' place. Thanks to you all, he's done a hell of a job in getting this strength up. "Coincidentally", the church sent a couple of gumshoes to Tiziano and Jamie's house while we were visiting. Scn Inc paid one Frank Salerno (one of many retired LA County Sheriffs who has claimed to be THE solver of the Hillside Strangler and other high profile cases) and his partner to put the screws to Cisco, as you can see here: