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Blog: Clearwater City Elections - Scientology Endorsements - 2020-02-29

F376.png Clearwater City Elections - Scientology Endorsements February 29, 2020, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

A recent article in FlaPol ( reports on recommendations from scientologists "Citizens for Social Reform" (Brett Miller, Joanie and Steve Sigal)

These are the surrogates who deliver the political direction of the church without being a formalized statement from the institution. Why do they do it this way? Because if the church itself published them it would run afoul of 501(c)3 prohibitions against political endorsements (though the Evangelicals don't seem to be too concerned about that). But make no mistake, the "Citizens for Social Reform" are just another scientology front group and they most definitely speak for OSA.

Brett Miller and Joanie Sigal are featured on the Freedom magazine website (poor Steve is an add on to Joanie — he was at the last candidates forum and looks old, unhealthy and hen-pecked).