Blog: Clearwater Officials: "Nothing To See Here" - 2019-01-26

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F376.png Clearwater Officials: "Nothing To See Here" January 26, 2019, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

The article above appeared in the Tampa Bay Times after the "airing" of The Aftermath this week, an episode focused on scientology's take-over of Clearwater.

I said "airing" because for subscribers to the local cable outlet, Spectrum, the show was unwatchable. The sound was scrambled and some images pixillated. The problems magically fixed themselves 2 minutes after the show aired. And the problem ONLY manifested itself on The Aftermath episode, no other channels. Subsequently, all the "On Demand" Aftermath episodes also disappeared from Spectrum. Of course, there is nothing suspicious about this at all. Especially when you know the lengths scientology has gone to in the past — like sending out teams of minions to buy every copy of the Tampa Bay Times when the Truth Rundown was published. And maybe it's a mere coincidence that downtown Clearwater is home to one of the largest scientologist owned and operated tech companies that specializes in cyber-security.

The subhead is a doozie. Current and former officials "reject the notion" that scientology has almost attained its goal of complete subjugation of downtown Clearwater...