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Blog: Coast to Coast Calamity - BFG makes waves - 2011-02-13

F0.png Coast to Coast Calamity - BFG makes waves February 13, 2011, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

Marc Headley will be on the popular late-night Coast to Coast radio show tonight. Marc will be discussing, among other things, the Scientology Inc intelligence operations that have been run on he, his wife, and his two young children. He will be discussing a number of internal Office of Special Affairs documents which demonstrate the unethical and illegal nature of those ops. So that you all can follow along as Marc connects the dots I am posting below the documents he will be referring to.

These documents include proof of what Mike Rinder and I have been saying all along about how OSA routinely bribes telephone company employees to criminally invade people's privacy by turning over their phone records to church thugs.

These documents also demonstrate the perverse mentality of Miscavige that has been forced upon the entire OSA network. I have met Marc and Claire's children. I like them and they like me. And I am some kind of hot right now about the "church's" regard for their first-born, an extremely intuitive, smart, and friendly fellow.