Blog: Corporate Scientology Mind Control - DOX - 2012-01-09

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F0.png Corporate Scientology Mind Control - DOX January 9, 2012, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

Though she did not have a clue about the depth of treachery used to "handle" dissenters when she left, fortunately Debbie Cook has had some schooling since leaving the corporate church of Scientology a few years back. While she feigns being in 'good standing' to maintain some cred with which to reach corporate Scientology, she is in as 'good' a standing with corporate Scientology as I am. I have yet to receive a single communication from the organization, including a declare order of any kind. If the organizational axiom 'if it isn't in writing it isn't true' still holds any water, I am still the president and a board member of Religious Technology Center (RTC, the highest organization in the hierarchy) and Inspector General. While some have argued the latter post has been in a higher ethics condition over the past three years, it hasn't stopped Miscavige's cold war era troops (Office of Special Affairs - OSA) from running intel and propaganda operations on me on numerous channels continuously since Feb '09. And so it is with Debbie Cook for committing the unpardonable sin of talking truth to power (in this case actually to Treason). In truth, the "Captain FSO", is merely wearing her hat in the most effective way she ever has from a safe point where she can speak out.

Since I am not in direct communication with Debbie I will assay to resume her continuing education publicly. It will also serve to educate quite a few other folks who have demonstrated varying degrees of dissent, or INDEPENDENCE, from corporate Scientology.

Remember, I have several times reported that David Miscavige basically has only two missiles in his arsenal: