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Blog: Critical Q&A 111 - 2017-06-04

F0.png Critical Q&A #111 June 4, 2017, Chris Shelton, Critical Thinker at Large

(1) I have family still in Scientology, which is very frustrating for me at times. I can't wait until they are out, but their arrogance, certainty, stubbornness, and inability to listen make me think they may never get out. Even after 20 years, the alternate route to Clear, Super Power processing and large donations, my dad is not "Clear". What could be the reason for this? Also, I asked him if he got to the top of the bridge and didn't have super powers and all the things promised, would he then look at the other side? His response was,"I've gotten enough out of it already to still be worth it." Obviously it is life changing for some people, so what is it that actually works? I know you say that you can find the parts that work elsewhere in the world. I'm wondering if you intend to sort through the mix of truth and lies within Scientology technology and share with us in the form of a book/books? Also, I know for me it wasn't really the processing that made me feel any better, but just the thought that I had the right path and future access to powerful truth that would change me and the world for the better. How much of the improvement in people is due to processing, and how much do you think is just the high from believing you have the answer to life and are working on getting to ultimate freedom, etc?

(2) I have read a few different versions of a story claiming that back when Hubbard was a pulp science fiction author he told his fellow writers that he was going to found a religion because "that's where the money is," or that he made a bet with Robert Heinlein that he could successfully found a religion. There are also stories that some of the other authors helped him brainstorm ideas that ended up in Scientology, thinking that they were all just playing around and not realizing that Hubbard would actually use their ideas to found a cult. Harlan Ellison also told a story about this. Do you think this story is true or at least possibly true?

(3) Chris, did you ever use one of the Clearsound listening systems? Like this. I would love to see a sound test and a disassembly of the clearsound amplifier. I'm guessing it's a cheap amplifier with a Scientology logo and an inflated price tag.