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Blog: David Does Sydney - 2014-05-03

F376.png David Does Sydney May 3, 2014, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Bryan Seymour's Channel 7 News Story, with footage of David Miscavige rehearsing

Tony already has this on his site, but I wanted to include some other observations.

Bryan told me they also blocked another national TV show (I assume it was Steve Cannane) and a national newspaper and rolled out some new "balloon tech" with people holding bunches of balloons in front of the media. These people have completely lost grip with reality, these are horrendous footnukes. Imagine spending $15 million to open a building to "flood people up the bridge" (that necessarily must include NEW people) and this is the sort of publicity you get? And it's not just the Blutos blocking the sidewalk. Would anyone honestly want to be like the sullen, surly Scientologists on the street that he attempts to interview? Not a single happy and excited person. Everyone fearful. Sneering. Yuk.