Blog: David Miscavige and David Lubow - My own Frankenstein monsters - 2010-09-11

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F0.png David Miscavige and David Lubow - My own Frankenstein monsters September 11, 2010, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

One of the reasons I call Dave Lubow Lil' Dave or Mini-Dave is that historically he is brought in in times of desperation for David Miscavige when Black Ops are called for in his mind. For many years we made a conscious effort to keep a tight reign on investigations so that no felonies were committed or overly aggressive actions were taken that might indicate we had adopted or condoned the Black Ops days of the GO. That was for survival reasons, since the public and courts had been given a heavy dose of Guardian's Office Black Ops through the release of tens of thousands of documents by the DC Federal District Court in the late seventies.

But, when Miscavige's own goose was being cooked, and his demands for retalitation and silencing became overpowering, and post removals became imminent, we brought in Dave Lubow. Lubow is a creep to be sure. But, he is a perfect 1.1 which is qualification number one for a spy or Black Ops operative. In many ways he is the perfect duplicate of Miscavige himself. That is, clueless when it comes to fundamental human virtues like love and forgiveness and empathy. But utterly ruthless and devilishly clever when it came to manipulation, black propaganda, and destroying lives by any means necessary.

His first major assignment was to infiltrate the Las Vegas crowd in the early nineties. Miscavige was obsessed with Terri Gamboa, former Commodore's Messenger and ED Author Services Inc. Lubow lead a double - or triple or quadruple - life in Las Vegas, California and Australia during that op that lasted for several years. Lubow lived with and befriended the Gamboas, the Gradys, Mark Fisher and others while doing all he could to pursuade them not to attack Miscavige.