Blog: Debbie Cook - Gathering Steam on Day 4 - 2012-01-04

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F0.png Debbie Cook - Gathering Steam on Day 4 January 4, 2012, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

Tony Ortega at the Village Voice has done a comprehensive, very accurate story on Debbie Cook, see Scientology In Crisis.

If anyone doubted my report last night as to Miscavige's "handling", Corporate Scientology Infiltrates Debbie Cook, Ortega's article, quoting USA Today, provided further confirmation:

Spokesperson Karin Pouw adds that the "positioning" of Cook as a "prominent Scientology insider" is "inaccurate." She describes her as "'a disgruntled defector' who has not had any position in the Church for several years, having left in 2007 for medical reasons."