Blog: Declaration of Vic and Vicki Krohn - 2012-10-31

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F0.png Declaration of Vic and Vicki Krohn October 31, 2012, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

While we have been out of the Church of Scientology since about 1998, and have been on the Indy 500 list since just after its inception, we have not told our story until now.

Vic did the Comm Course in 1968 at ASHO, and his first event was the grand opening of the first Celebrity Center, hosted by Heber and Yvonne Jentzsch. We met in Chico in 1974 and Vicki was introduced to Scientology in 1976. Vic went on staff at the Chico Mission in 1977 and we were married later that year. We moved to Sacramento so Vic could work with the GO (Guardians Office) as a volunteer working on various social reform programs including Citizen's Commission on Human Rights, and American Citizens for Honesty in Government. Vicki worked as an RN supporting the family financially while Vic was working with these groups.

We moved off lines around the time that the Mission Network was crushed and de-dinging started and did not get back on lines until these activities had ceased.