Blog: Dianetics Dissembling - 2018-05-21

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F376.png Dianetics Dissembling May 21, 2018, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

This is promotion for the now completed Dianetics celebration.

This used to be a big deal event in scientology. It is now a whimper that gets little attention because it interferes with Miscavige's annual scuba diving expedition on the Freewinds for "Maiden Voyage."

Now, there are plenty of lies in this pitch — one cannot attain Clear from reading Dianetics. In fact, over 60 years it has been proven the state of Clear as described in Dianetics is a pipe dream that even L. Ron Hubbard himself could not achieve. But nevertheless, they're still selling Dianetics hard as the solution to all that ails this planet — "a New Earth."