Blog: Expansion Beyond Anything You Could Ever Imagine... - 2013-10-11

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F376.png Expansion Beyond Anything You Could Ever Imagine... October 11, 2013, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

There are a few of these "briefings" that say nothing at all from the ED's who have returned from Flag.

Clearly things are NOT going according to the Master's masterplan. These ED's including those all the way from South Africa, flew to Flag, spent 8 DAYS being briefed (most of which was sitting around doing busy work waiting for Miscavige to free up an hour from reading the internet to pay them any attention) and then when they could not hang around any longer, He sent them home with some brilliant orders to get everyone enthused and "through the Basics." Meanwhile their tech staff are still at Flag, waiting to be able to leave, racking up more food and accommodations bills on top of what they have been charged for their "training." GAG II flounders around like a ship without a rudder. What a well-oiled machine this isn't... Perhaps Dave need a bit of oiliness table drilling?

But here is what is really astonishing. How they are positioning GAG II. Of course the thing He CAN say is that THIS is now totally on Source and doing things "the way Ron wanted." Gee Dave, doesn't anyone ever notice that you have been saying that for 20 YEARS, every new release is NOW the way Ron wanted.... when does anyone go "Hey, wait a minute, why have you been having us do it the way Ron DIDNT want it for the last 17 years?".