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Blog: Fast Eddie Whiffs Again - 2018-12-30

F376.png Fast Eddie Whiffs Again December 30, 2018, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Another in the ongoing series of posts documenting the insane statements and lies of scientology's only public spokesperson, Fast Eddie Parkin.

Eddie as you may recall from earlier posts is a long term staff member in the Office of Special Affairs International (he used to be an assistant to Heber Jentzsch before Heber was "disappeared" many years ago).

Fast Eddie is busy on twitter. Though he blocks the people he constantly carps about, and in fact blocks ANYONE who questions him or any of his tweets, this self-proclaimed champion of free speech and human rights (as long as they are his) has people he has not blocked who see his tweets and pass them on to those he smears. He devotes most of his efforts to Leah Remini, me, The Aftermath, A&E and Disney.