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Blog: Going Clear: Where Is Scientology? - 2015-03-28

F376.png Going Clear: Where Is Scientology? March 28, 2015, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

In the face of the most intense media coverage in its history, scientology is strangely incapable of stepping up and saying anything.

There is no spokesperson who even TRIES to answer questions or present the church's "good works" to the media. Instead, they send creepy letters from their lawyers and Misavige's nom de plume Karin Pouw, put together "attack videos" and threatening emails and tweets. And all of this outpouring ONLY consists exclusively of ad hominem attacks on the film makers, interviewees and now reporters who are covering the documentary. Everyone is a liar. Everyone is a bigot. A hater. Has an axe to grind. And unsurprisingly, all their mothers wear army boots.

So, if all these lies are being told about them and their army of lawyers is sending out legal threat letters like confetti, why don't they sue for defamation? They have plenty of money? Plenty of lawyers? And plenty of whining about all the lies that are being told?