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Blog: Going Clear Prison of Belief II - 2015-01-27

F376.png Going Clear Prison of Belief II January 27, 2015, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

This is a cheat, partly because I am traveling today, but more because I think Tony Ortega has literally said almosgt everything I wanted to say about the second showing of the film at his blog.

He recounts my thoughts after last night as we sat together and I felt able to watch it more objectively than the first time.

The art of this film is how it is woven together into a cohesive picture. The problem with this film from scientology's perspective is that they will NOT be able to convince people that everyone in it is just lying (audiences will make their own value judgments about the credibility of those who are interviewed) when what they say is confirmed and reinforced by the church's OWN words, footage and documents.