Blog: How Cool is LA Org? - 2020-01-22

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F376.png How Cool is LA Org? January 22, 2020, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

LA Org is the "model" for all scientology Class V level organizations — even though Miscavige made it into a Sea Org installation. Oddly, the "model" cannot be duplicated in other places in the world and it remains the only Sea Org Class V org. There used to be another one — St Hill Fdn in the UK that was supposed to service the "local East Grinstead public" in the Castle, but apparently Miscavige closed that down as if you enter your location as East Grinstead on it directs you to London Org and Brighton Org. I hadn't realized he closed down that org too in his era of "massive expansion."

These cool cats are proud of their accomplishments. 800 Clears (and NED Case completions) — which is at least 750 more than the next largest org. And 800 more than most orgs on the planet.

But this is only 800 since October 2, 2014. That is 63 months. Or 275 weeks.