Blog: How Miscavige Ruined Tom Cruise (continued) - 2011-07-15

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F0.png How Miscavige Ruined Tom Cruise (continued) July 15, 2011, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

The despatch below from Tommy Davis to the head of the Office of Special Affairs Network concerning Tom Cruise is revelatory in several respects. I have included some comments in between certain paragraphs in the following document to clarify and provide context. All inserted comments by me are in italics. The rest of the text is the original document in full.

For those who are concerned about me being a little tough on Tom, I invite you to use the search function on this blog with his name and see how thoroughly I put him on notice about the serial human rights violations his support of Miscavige has wrought. I probably would not even have posted this, except that I saw the Int Scientology News New Years 2011 edition with Tom Cruise front and center of the two page Shrine spread worshiping at the feet of his lord, Miscavige. Publication of such would absolutely require Tom's personal green light. Ethics gradients, my friend, and believe me to date they've been light.

The internal church of Scientology memorandum: