Blog: How Scientology Views Law Enforcement - 2019-01-15

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F376.png How Scientology Views Law Enforcement January 15, 2019, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

In the final chapter of Introduction to Scientology Ethics, L. Ron Hubbard distills a lot of his thoughts on the subject of Law Enforcement, the Judiciary and the handling of justice in society. There are many other places where he says similar things — some of the confidential advices and OSA issues are even more explicit, calling FBI agents "cockroaches" among other things. Hubbard's fear of the government, FBI, law enforcement, DOJ, IRS etc being after him is apparent starting in the early 50's and descended into complete paranoia by the end of his life.

Realize this passage is from a widely distributed book that ALL scientologists are familiar with. It is not considered a concept so at odds with all his other utterances that it should be kept from the scientologists and the general public (like the Xenu story). This is run of the mill stuff for scientology.

Even some of the most radical organizations on earth would be reticent to put forward such black and white evidence of their disdain for the judicial system and law enforcement.