Blog: How to Slow Boil a Frog - 2017-06-12

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F376.png How to Slow Boil a Frog June 12, 2017, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

This essay seeks to remember and reveal, for myself, the building blocks (words of Ron and experiences in the group) that built my mindset whereby clearing the planet (delusion) and selling Scientology (Ron's suitcases to Luxembourg) became more important than loyalty to family, personal nurturing, acquiring life skills, loyalty to friends and getting a "wog" education. Moments when I gave my trust to Ron. Basics on the chain that creates believing.

At some point the words of L Ron Hubbard became more prominent than my own common sense. My common sense was slowly deranged over time by the words of an articulate manipulating madman. I worked and sacrificed my life for a planet without insanity while Ron ordered suitcases of cash to offshore accounts to hide from the taxman. Apparently a cleared planet had two different meanings. His was NOT ours.

My sincere but delusional goals of working for a cleared planet, was Ron's secured source of income. With spiritual fervor and a sense of militaristic immediacy, moral imperative and moral superiority, I sacrificed my life and mental health to the mental delusions of a Malignant Narcissist.