Blog: Hy Levy - 2010-12-17

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F0.png Hy Levy December 17, 2010, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

I've never met anyone who met Hy Levy who didn't like him. I feel the same way. Hy took the time to write a fairly lengthy account of his decades in the church. He provides a very interesting look at the internal workings of the Flag Service Organization in particular. While longer than most posts, I think it is well worth the read. Welcome Hy! It is great to have you with us.

My name is Hy Levy.

I was staff at FSO for almost 24 years and routed out in June 2009. I have been "under the radar" since then but now I have decided to take a stand, as my silence has helped to support the current DM regime too long.