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Blog: Ideal Org Lies - 2016-12-03

F376.png Ideal Org Lies December 3, 2016, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

This latest piece from Porn Valley ideal building reminded me what a horrendous self-serving scam this is. You will note the "ideal Valley" is missing a few things — like about 100 staff (in order to have one for each room) and of course their filing is decades out of date.

So, why is there so much effort (extracting of funds) put into these ideal nothings?

The answer is simple: Miscavige is frantically trying to keep the veneer of expansion from peeling off the moldy walls of his shrinking kingdom. He uses these "ideal orgs" to convince his sheeple (and tries to persuade the outside world too, but that stopped working after Going Clear) that scientology is "expanding like never before." He shows them videos of ribbon cutting ceremonies and impressive looking "fly-throughs" of empty office spaces, auditoriums and reception areas. Always empty. And they now equate that to "expansion."