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Blog: Idle Org Fraud - The Proof - 2011-05-02

F0.png Idle Org Fraud - The Proof May 2, 2011, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

In the summer of 2006, right about the time Idle Org regging went over the top to stay, and it had spread around the world, David Miscavige had to address some burning questions the public was asking. In order to handle the "noise" from the "riff raff" public, he went straight to his A team – the OT Ambassadors. He knew as his ambassadors they'd spread back into org fields and set the riff raff straight, "tone 40" style. Now, buckle your seat belts before you read Miscavige's words below. When he doesn't have a Sherman-speak speech on teleprompter side checked by his $1,000 an hour attorneys, the damnedest stuff issues from his mouth. Note well, incidentally, how he outright dismisses L Ron Hubbard in front of this crowd. What is remarkable is that inspite of the non-sequitor, non-sensical, and plain idiotic Miscavige answers, these OTA's apparently were satisfied, clicked their heels and went right to work damping out the public resistance. Anybody still want to argue against the proposition that the higher one moves on Miscavige's Bridge the more compliant and tractable he or she becomes?