Blog: Investigation Into The Death of Alexander Jentzsch - 2012-09-07

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F0.png Investigation Into The Death of Alexander Jentzsch September 7, 2012, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

Der Spiegel magazine in Germany has published a feature article on the mysterious and heartbreaking case of Alexander Jentzsch: Der Spiegel. See the German to English translation at the end of this post.*

Karen De La Carriere and I - along with appropriate law enforcement agencies - are actively investigating the death of Alexander. There are too many unanswered questions to let this matter rest. Scientology Inc. has gone into full-scale cover-up mode in hiding the circumstances of Alexander's untimely death. It has taken the following extraordinary measures to keep the truth hidden:

a) "OT VIII" Stan Gerson is a numbered OSA agent. He is listed in the OSA spies list maintained by OSA and published on this blog, Scientology spy network exposed. On that list, under 'production data' Stan is listed as 'spokesperson at events .' He is also listed as "trusted" by OSA. Gerson was directed by OSA Int to send out a creepy Public Relations email broadly about Alexander's funeral event at Scientology Inc's celebrity center. The event and email were a thinly veiled 'proof of life' photo op for the imprisoned president of church of Scientology International (and father of Alexander) Heber Jentzsch. The email also attempted to cover-up the plethora of questionable circumstances surrounding Alexander's untimely death. The funeral event itself was an attempted P.R. handling after Karen publicized that Scientology Inc promised her that no such event would occur.