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Blog: Is Scientology A "Terrorist Group"? - 2015-03-09

F376.png Is Scientology A "Terrorist Group"? March 9, 2015, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Scientology has for many years made outrageous claims about "Anonymous" — calling it a "group of terrorists." They inflate everything that is ever said or done by anyone with even the remotest connection to Anonymous and by association, attempt to paint anyone they think is criticizing them with the "terrorist" brush.

There are NUMEROUS examples of this — perhaps the earliest was Keith Henson who joked about shooting a "Tom Cru9ise Missile" in Miscavige's window. This was then used to have him prosecuted under the Hate Crimes statute. Miscavige complained bitterly about "death threats" and cried about how he was "under personal assault." And the whining has never ceased.

I haven't bothered to try and find everything they have said about "threats" and "terrorists" and what victims they are. They put it in letters to the media. In legal filings. On their "Religious Freedom Watch" website and of course in Freedom Magazine.