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Blog: Italian Battalion - leaders emerge - 2010-08-29

F0.png Italian Battalion - leaders emerge August 29, 2010, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

Today, on the day Moving On Up A Little Higher hit two million visits, I happened to receive the following good news from our friends in Italy. Incidentally, it took just over nine months in service to reach the first million visits, and just under five months to reach the second million. Realize in reading the Italian report that Italy is already the third most active country on this original English language blog, behind only Australia and the United States. And now Gary Baldi informs us his Italian language blog – which largely reflects this one, while also creating an expanding independent Italian field – is in a several month affluence. In the face of suppression, flourish and prosper indeed.

Ciao Marty,

I am writing you to keep you updated on the "INDIPENDOLOGO" progress.