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Blog: Italian Independents open up Thunder Road - 2012-04-28

F0.png Italian Independents open up Thunder Road April 28, 2012, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

In addition to our other follies, I do a lot of C/Sing from Casablanca. The most productive team of auditors I C/S for do far more than audit. Claudio and Renata Lugli audit, train, and recover auditors, all while also contributing to the cause of educating those still under the spell of Corporate Scientology.

Claudio has done a write up to give you an idea of how production has been accelerating down Italy way. Realize that only a year ago Claudio and Renata had just decided that they would not be denied Scientology by a ego-intoxicated dictator.

Claudio and Renata