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Blog: Knowing How to Not Know - 2014-11-24

F0.png Knowing How to Not Know November 24, 2014, Chris Shelton, Critical Thinker at Large

How many times have you been caught out trying to fake knowing all about something which you really know very little or nothing of? How many times in life do we pretend in order to impress, to try to entertain or at least not appear foolish? It happens all the time. We delight in catching others out when they do this, yet dread when we ourselves are met by someone smarter or more experienced or who can just see through our shenanigans.

Now imagine doing that all the time. Habitually pretending you know all about everything - especially all of the "important" things like what is the meaning of life, why everyone acts the way they do, where we all came from and where we are all going with our lives. If you were to live under this pretense for long enough, you would likely forget any real questions you yourself still had and would develop a surety that you have all the answers to everything that matters.

That is what life is like in a cult or mass movement such as Scientology.