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Blog: Let Me Be Crystal Clear - 2010-09-19

F0.png Let Me Be Crystal Clear September 19, 2010, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

For the potential edification of those reading with open, intelligent and curious minds and for the less-than-likely clarification for those reading and reacting with closed, arrogant and narrow minds, I offer some context to Saturday's post, "The World Is Leaving Scientology Behind."

That post was researched, conceived and written within one hour of my having just attested my then-pre-Clear to the state of Clear. And I mean Crystal Clear. A person with whom I never once discussed exchange for my services, except reluctantly when the person orginated on the subject from time to time; and those discussions never, ever put the slightest pressure nor invalidation upon the pre-Clear. A person, whose inevitable increasing sense of the rightness of things (through the conquering of the reactive mind) naturally wound up exchanging in such abundance it is indescribable. A person who had never heard the word "Scientology" until it passed from my lips. A person who received no conditioning or programming as to organizational mores (whether memorialized in green ink or orally created over time by a little dictator). A person to whom it was never suggested she find a way to change her livelihood in order to find a way to contribute more energy to any "cause." A person to whom it was never even suggested not to look at criticisms of the subject, the Source of the subject, or the auditor. A person who was never encouraged to op term, investigate, "handle", or alter communication in way, shape, fashion or form with those skeptical of her auditor or the subject she was participating in. A person who was allowed to have her wins, test them during the week in a working environment utterly devoid of any Scientology or Scientologist influence, thereby perhaps attaining a level of personal certainty of ability that I have yet to witness in thirty years of involvement with the subject. A person who received not one encouragement, nudge, threat or invalidation to "get to the next level" or get to Clear. A person who on her own determinism and out of her own curiosity decided to read every LRH book and listen to every LRH public lecture on her own time during the course of her auditing. A person who received standard tech - without a single organizational/Miscavige arbitrary entered in along the way. A person who received thorough auditing at every grade along the way (one to two intensives per grade and five intensives of NED). A person who now exemplifies LRH's model in What We Expect of a Scientologist more than perhaps any other I've ever encountered in my three decades of involvement.

A person who is the gold standard in my view in terms of EMPATHY for her fellow human beings.