Blog: Lois Reisdorf - Part 5 (1978) - 2016-12-04

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F376.png Lois Reisdorf - Part 5 (1978) December 4, 2016, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

1978 was a crazy year, very tumultuous.

LRH arrived back to La Quinta in January of 1978 after Mary Sue had moved to LA to handle her criminal case from the Snow White FBI Investigation.

While he was gone, during the last half of 1977, the messengers and most of the crew on base were preparing for the making of the tech movies. During 78 and 79 we called this the Cine Org; it was not named Gold until later years. Recruitment had been done to get more people for this unit and we messengers had typed the scripts LRH had sent us via mail.