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Blog: Mary McCarran Kahn - 2014-03-16

F376.png Mary McCarran Kahn March 16, 2014, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

I was declared the week of Thanksgiving, which was the church's gift to my family on such a memorable holiday. Since then until February, when he finally disconnected, my heartbroken son had been trying to wrap his mind around his mom being an SP and how to "handle" me. I am devastated but will not stop fighting to get him back, and fighting to stop this horribly abusive tactic of disconnection that the church of scientology uses to control its members. My son is in the honeymoon phase, and I feel responsible for setting him up to be the Scientologist he is today, for being the kind of Scientologist that would disconnect from his mother who he loves. (I never once talked to my son about the shit that was going on with me. He only found out something was up AFTER the Comm Ev. when he was barred from attending the big event because his mother was disaffected.)

I only hope it doesn't take him 35 years to wake up to the fact that he is in a destructive, mind-manipulating cult.

My story is virtually the same as many other stories of disconnection. I was a young adult in 1973 when I did the Comm Course and received Life Repair. Those two things set the stage for me. I trained in Dallas and interned at Austin Org. I was a staff auditor at Mission of the Southwest in Dallas when the crazies hit and I left with Vicki Stokes (Aznaran), Rick Aznaran and two other mission staff to go to Houston to start a mission. I did not like the state of affairs going on and being forced to do work I did not enjoy nor sign up for. So, in 1977 I left staff. (As an aside: An interesting thing of note to me around this time is that within a few short years, Vicki Aznaran became Inspector General RTC! This was astounding to me how she could go from Mission Ed to this vaunted post in such a short time. One of these days someone should explain to me how that happened.)