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Blog: Massive Expansion -- Of Lies - 2014-08-29

F376.png Massive Expansion -- Of Lies August 29, 2014, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Here is an entire page from the latest International Scientology News reporting on the wonders of the "25th Anniversary" MV Cruise for the math challenged.

Dear Leader seems to have outdone himself with his presentation of big lies and small stats to "support it" — yet the "small stats" are REALLY small, but just hyped as being "big." It is really quite bizarre how they can break down stats into "completions per hour" and make the most pathetic appear to sound big and "booming." And it seems nobody EVER does the math to see what is really being said.

Everyone else is obviously out of step with Dear Leader making announcements about 5X expansion since GAG II. By his calculation (is there any other?) it is actually 47X.