Blog: Mike Eldredge Letter to David Miscavige & Co. - 2013-08-20

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F376.png Mike Eldredge Letter to David Miscavige & Co. August 20, 2013, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

I have known Mike Eldredge since December 1975 when he and his wife Penny were the first two new recruits to arrive at Flag in Clearwater. At the time the location was still confidential and they had not been told where they were going until they were given tickets at the airport. They were excited to be at Flag, but a little disappointed as they had only come from Miami! Mike went on to become a cramming officer, auditor and C/S who worked on many projects directly for LRH. I did a few Missions with him at various times. This write up only touches upon his history and experience. Perhaps he will decide to write more in the future.

He recently sent this letter to David Miscavige and others.

It is good to have another very knowledgable person contributing to the effort to end the abuses in the RCS.