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Blog: Miscavige's Death Throes - 2011-10-14

F0.png Miscavige's Death Throes October 14, 2011, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

Anyone who has followed the news and/or this blog for very long knows David Miscavige, head of Corporate Scientology, has spent millions of dollars attempting to spread the sickness of his cult compound to the world at large. Miscavige has given his go-to private investigator Dave Lubow unlimited funds to buy phone records, stalk through illegal electronic surveillance through phone gps devices,harass and annoy, spread rumor and innuendo, and organize KKK-like gangs to stalk and attempt to intimidate. Now Miscavige has sunk to even further depths. His agents have set up phony internet links to targets' names that go back to child porn sex chat sites.

Read all about it at the Village Voice: