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Blog: Miscavige Neutron Bomb Strategy - 2010-12-12

F0.png Miscavige Neutron Bomb Strategy December 12, 2010, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

First, let us get some historical perspective. Here is Adolph Hitler's New Reich Chancellery, designed by his personal architect Albert Speer:

Now, let's compare the look with Miscavige's newest (yet to be announced) multi-million dollar monument to himself:

This edifice has been constructed and completed for many months. Evidently, as we visited at five p.m. on Friday, there is no production in sight. It is the culmination of a twenty-five year effort by Miscavige to wipe out dissemination and distribution divisions internationally. Since the passing of LRH, Miscavige has steadily worked to prevent Dissemination and Distribution Divisions from disseminating and distributing. First, he forbade them to originate and print promotional materials promising that a centralized center would provide them with such. Then he systematically prevented Central Marketing Unit from producing and distributing promotion to orgs. Then he destroyed the Central Marketing Unit altogether. Certain non-compliant orgs continued to do their own promotion and survived. Miscavige's answer to that is a multi-million dollar building proving no need for orgs to produce and distribute promotion. The proof of the intent is that the new building, like the orgs, sits idle.