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Blog: Miscavige Perpetuates Memory of Gestapo & STASI - 2011-09-09

F0.png Miscavige Perpetuates Memory of Gestapo & STASI September 9, 2011, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

Mosey and I decided to take a train ride up to Berlin today. Having learned quite a bit about Germany and its history recently, we wanted to see some historical sites of significance.

We were told by our hosts that they could not provide protection since we were leaving Hamburg, a terrorist had just been caught in Berlin, and the Chancellor of Germany was scheduled to speak at Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin this afternoon - so all law enforcement was focused on those matters. No matter, it is not like we cannot handle harassment and we'd be damned if we'd let Miscavige's terrorist tactics get in the way of a chance of a lifetime.

Just as we arrived at the epicenter of what became the icons for remembrance of the importance of tolerance and freedom from tyranny and oppression, guess who came to remind us: never lose vigilance against suppression?