Blog: Miscavige Re-Re-Ribbon Pulling Speech - 2014-03-12

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F376.png Miscavige Re-Re-Ribbon Pulling Speech March 12, 2014, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Here is the text of Dear Leader's speech for the grand re-ribbon cutting in PAC. You will understand the Noah's Ark image when you have read the speech.

I have included a few comments throughout in square brackets. I have a feeling Mr. Miscavige may be "too busy" to show up at the March 13th event on Friday at Ruth Eckerd Hall and this video will be shown to the adoring masses in his place (there will be another post about March 13 event coming soon).

For those who had heard the report that this was a 3 minute speech, that is incorrect. It is about 12 minutes long. It begins with an introduction by Erin Banks, describing how many sups and auditors there are in ASHO and AOLA. It is quite jarring to hear Shermanspeak come out of the mouth of someone who sounds like she drove straight from the Glendale Galleria….