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Blog: Missions Impossible - 2017-04-02

F376.png Missions Impossible April 2, 2017, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

The world of scientology missions is even grimmer than scientology orgs.

Here is the latest news from the "ideal" Mission in Ocala. This Mission was opened by John Travolta and Kelly Preston in their hometown as a gift to the community. They fully renovated a building and it was one of the first "ideal" missions. There were a few "celebrity" that came before it: Jenna Elfman in SOMA SFO opened to great fanfare and now an empty shell. Anne Archer's Santa Monica Mission - opened and then closed almost as fast. Isaac Hayes and Lisa Marie Presley in Memphis - sold off by Benetta Slaughter and now operating out of a strip mall on the outskirts of town. Don't know what happened to Kirstie Alley's Wichita Mission, imagine it is dead as doornail like everywhere else in the world (though it does promote itself as a "Mental Health Service" — see bottom).

Now, this is an "ideal" mission, propped up by wealthy sugar-daddies. It is the only real mission that is considered to be a feeder to the Tampa double ideal org (or whatever they call themselves). And yet, in the East US this is only the 3rd mission in the birthday game. I wonder what the 2 that beat them are? And if there are more than 2 dozen missions left in the Eastern US? Cannot be bothered looking it up...