Blog: More News From The Vampire Empire - 2014-10-15

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F376.png More News From The Vampire Empire October 15, 2014, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

For the record, and to fill the gap while I finalize another far more important post....

As usual, the OTC's never fail to impress with their dedication to the Vampire Empire, doing their utmost to suck the last dime out of anything that moves.

Funny about the reference Quinn the Eskimo uses to justify "fund raising" — HCOPL 10 Sept 1982 "Exchange, Org Income and Staff Pay." I feel compelled to note this as it is such a startling example of the KoolAid Goggles these people wear. The Eskimo apparently cited this PL for the proposition that it is "group internal pressure" that establishes which condition of exchange comes into play.